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Concentrate journey + scarecrow Screen

By OmegaXz

OmegaXz Level 202 Bera Bow Master See what games, anime & art OmegaXz is intoOmegaXz
Oct 05 2010 I was doing the quest to get Concentrate and my friend helped me, we were messing around since I had to solo it and we waited for a wedding to start instead. Got bored and this was the result

"Read the dialog" lol

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ZombieZerps Level 143 Arcania Demon Slayer 4
Someone should make a picture of the scarecrow watching Gwin while he sleeps.
Oct 05 2010
oOEw Level 200 Bera Corsair
:3 Octopus ftw.
Oct 05 2010
Penguinsftw Level 173 Broa Phantom 4
Go downstairs and find the ghost guy
Spawn a scarecrow under him
i find it HILARIOUS lol
Oct 06 2010

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