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Concerto - ATK 101, ATK +10, Critital 8% Screen

By Nielzballie

Oct 13 2010 This is my self scrolled gun, first thing i was actually very happy with
(Along with my 3/10 STR scrolled PAC

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Probally best "Epic" potential I've ever seen[/quote]
o-O I got
+10 w. atk
+5 w. atk
+5 str

RARE bwahaha. On a 121 fairfrozen. ->135 u/h
OT: grats, that looks like a nice gun
Oct 13 2010
Only items with 4 stars are godly. 5 Stars are super godly.. Try it. now...(Jealous)
Oct 13 2010
its a nice gun ive seen some better as far as the base w. att but thats the best pot. gun ive seen
Oct 14 2010
I can imagine it now. You : " Oh hey! I have nothing to do in alien pq. Let's take an ss of my gun, and put on basil ."
Oct 14 2010
Akatsukii Level 172 Scania Corsair
I made a 124 attack certo with 8/9 scrolls landing Legit, no pams song and three 100% enhancements
too bad it's 2 line, doesn't matter if I land a 30% boss on it[/quote]

You talk a lot of lies on basilmarket... You said on your perma banned thread that you used Pam songs + 50% to jaheen(PirateThreat) but here you said you didn't use pams. You can't use 100% enhancements 3 times and if you did pass three enhancements then your gun would be 133 atk. You even said it was a three liner in your perma banned thread. As I said you don't even have more than 500 mill. In the perma ban thread you said you lost 15 bill +
May 11 2011

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