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Confused about attendance unique pot scroll

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Kyo1135 Level 210 Scania Dark Knight Boundless Guild
So apparently people are saying you get them tomorrow But tomorrow is day 6 of attendance? Is there some attendace thing I missed out Ive serached a lot but I still dunno >.> Thanks
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BabanaBabana Level 120 Scania Hero
I've been hearing crap about this too, I haven't given enough of a rats ass to look it up though, so... eh.
Feb 01 2014
Just2Fancy Level 200 Bera Evan 10th Growth See what games, anime & art Just2Fancy is intoJust2Fancy
my attendance thing still gives me nothing because i completed it all. Is it a hot time?
Feb 01 2014
vslayer57 Level 195 Windia Kaiser 4
Theres been countless threads I doubt they got one. Probably a troll
Feb 01 2014
Narwhol Level 210 Bera Zero Transcendent
What? You got my hopes up for nothing. There's no unique pot scroll from attendance.
Feb 01 2014
Zephorax Level 210 Windia Evan 10th Growth
wouldn't this be ems?
Feb 01 2014
usmctyrell Level 204 Bera Kaiser 4
when did this event even start its been blank for me since i noticed it was there
Feb 01 2014
Narwhol Level 210 Bera Zero Transcendent
You receive it on the 8th of February.[/quote]

Omg thank you for this.
Feb 01 2014
ZuaDrago Level 185 Scania Xenon 4
.... here's a pink bean shaped cookie since you're awesome.

Don't take the top left one. I bit that one already..[/quote]

Can I ask you a question.

Why is that potato.
Feb 01 2014
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