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Congratulations to the first level 250 Blaster11

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stormgrief Level 200 Scania Buccaneer
Here's my post congratulating the first level 250 blaster!11!11
Also please do not witchhunt. There is absolutely no
credible evidence that this was anything but pure determination!
Keep up the good work Royale and Esupur!
Sorry for doubting you at first. Calling me a "retard" really changed my mind!
Posted: September 2016 Permalink


master888 Level 200 Broa Mihile 4
400+ bil exp on a non-2x event day, one whole week to get from 245 to 250, and all these people trying to make excuses that Reboot is close in effort needed to level compared to other servers. LOL what a joke!
Sep 09 2016
stormgrief Level 200 Scania Buccaneer
+1 @wall I think you're an ass... that being said the mods on /r/maplestory are even bigger asses especially Zelkova. They practically encourage hacking by not letting people point out blatant hackers. Zelkova brags about how he doesn't play maplestory. smh these people shouldn't be mods.
join the club i'm banned too
Sep 09 2016
risastolemyhart Level 40 Scania Spearman
1. Lel, Royals still exist?
2. Implying anyone cares about levels anymore. The only time people cared were when Fangblade, Curryshot, Tiger etc were racing to 200.
Sep 09 2016

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