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Constant DCing

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Is anyone else constantly DCing while using Arrow Blaster? I've disconnected twice at Hilla, twice at Zak, and numerous times while dojoing
Everything was fine while I was leveling up my cleric, not a single d/c in the 2+ hours I was playing. So is this more of an Arrow Blaster related issue, or just an extremely unfortunate coincidence/general maple problem?
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Hmmm, I'll give it a try, thanks

*edit* Tried it, and it still happens unfortunately. I don't boss too often, so it's not biggy, I'll wait and see if it "fixes itself".
Dec 05 2013
AirSlicer30 Level 145 Khaini Bow Master
I have this problem as well, I can hold it up on my own, I just cant set it down and keep attacking.
Dec 05 2013
I have this problem as well, I can hold it up on my own, I just cant set it down and keep attacking.[/quote]

It's weird, I didn't have this problem earlier at Gollux But everywhere else its almost a guaranteed d/c.
Dec 05 2013
Rokani Level 216 Bera Aran 4
I just keep crashing on all my characters no matter what I play.
Dec 05 2013
NeoBowmaster Level 80 Khaini Mechanic 3
I haven't d/ced while using it, with or without platter, anywhere. But when I tried to use platter + blaster at hilla, I d/ced. So I think it is an issue.
D/cing is a problem with other things as well, such as cubing Legendary items with the cube from the RED shop, or with corsairs like @PikeBishop said.
Dec 06 2013
SillyBox Level 200 Broa Bow Master
I have this problem as well. Only happens when I use blaster and turret together, and only when attacking multiple monsters or a boss. The two skills together just lag me the F outta the game. I find standing farther from the turret seems to help though... Or using turret+cane
Dec 06 2013
simaini Level 211 Scania Bow Master SMTown Guild
i dced using arrow blaster. i know it's arrow blaster because i dced 5 times in the last 30 minutes when i use double arrow blasters.
one time, i was using double arrow blasters, quickly used my lv 150 hyper buff, and then i dced right away. right now, i was fighting krexel and using double arrow blaster continuously, and dced again. before, at ranmaru RLH, i dced using double arrow blaster. maybe it attacks too fast? idek
Dec 06 2013
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