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Recruting Contend of Khroa


About Us We're a large active guild, and ranked in the top 10 on the guild boards, our goal is to push forward n have fun and make friends on our way to the top. We train hard and boss daily and we're known for honesty, activity, strength and that famil

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Hey everyone! New to the guild, but def not new to maple. I've been away for a while, but I'm back now. Tryna to have fun and play with fun peeps! Name is Robby and I main an Evan.
May 14 2015
ZeroRival Level 210 Broa Shade 4 Contend Guild
Looking for players who are set on their class job and are lookin to improve in it and boss. We want players who are gonna push the guild forward so if you think you can please join cant wait to meet ya
Feb 12 2015