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Cool Basilers Screen

By alana55

alana55 Level 32 Scania Bandit
Aug 05 2014 I made a thread on which server I should join after being inactive for 219383278391 years
Anyway, I wanted to thank ze people who responded, so I drew some of their characters

p.s. thread is here c:

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Vinje Level 203 Elnido Zero Transcendent
+5 So many cuties. Don't know which one I want [/quote]

I'm making the tomato person a part of my salad.
Take that as you will
Aug 06 2014
AugustRain Level 185 Scania Bow Master
+1 where am i?[/quote]

where r us
Aug 06 2014
BeginnerSudo Level 160 Windia Beginner
+2 Pssh.
I didn't want to be a [i]cool[/i] Basiler anyways

I'm a hot Basiler. **Yeah**! Hot and proud!
Aug 06 2014
Alana55 Level 32 Scania Bandit
So many cuties. Don't know which one I want [/quote]
Hehe thanks c:

and I failed~ didn't realize @cool123ter was a male avatar/shot
but yeah I might draw some more Basilers since so many ms characters have such epic designs ;u;
Aug 06 2014

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