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Hey guys I'm here to share with you some igns i was able to make in 2hours of creativity.
well here's the link to the list ^-^
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Mequar Level 101 Bellocan
Thanks for sharing! Very nice names.
Jul 13 2014
Jowe27 Level 174 Khaini Corsair
How to make pro igns:
1: Find a verb that has literally nothing to do with your life, interests, in-game class, or maplestory in general (For this example we will use "rewrite"
2: Add obscure ending to it that removes all meaning from the word in order for it to make no sense in any context. A couple of these are -ify, and -ingly. (We now have Rewritingly)
3: Make your character with your pro IGN! People will look up to you for having an IGN as a real word!
Jul 13 2014
mangothekitty Level 205 Broa Blade Master
yum doggy milk
Jul 13 2014
East Level 127 Yellonde Blade Master
Ehh lol
Jul 13 2014
Symphs Level 104 Broa Aran 4
FacialCare isnt bad at all, better than my IGN.

Jul 13 2014
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