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Coqs advancing to dark knight in zenith Screen

By Ranger

Ranger Level 135 Zenith Dark Knight
Dec 18 2010 So yeah basically after training for a week or more, I finally accomplished my goal. 4th job as a Dark Knight!!
Flame all you want, I'm happy. =)
Happy leveling guys

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kayspace1 Level 200 Broa Xenon 4
Congratulations! But why did you go advance at 121? o:

I cannot wait for when I'm in that spotlight... 5 left
Dec 18 2010
Ranger Level 135 Zenith Dark Knight
Lol haha thnx, and also, I wanted to help a friend get to 120 first before I advanced, so yeah I gained a few extra levels
Dec 18 2010
futakeye Level 177 Windia Bow Master
lol how funded where you cuz i rlly wanna make a Dk jst dont know how mch funding i need to lvl like u[/quote]

Did you not read the: dark night in Zenith part..? So obviously the only funding he could have was in nx, not in mesos.
Dec 20 2010
Ranger Level 135 Zenith Dark Knight
No funding at all, used clean equips all the way
Dec 20 2010
... over lvled xD
Dec 20 2010

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