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Corsair stamp/sculpt Screen

By yingmakes

yingmakes Level 201 Windia Corsair
Jan 04 2012 This is my corsair, Winternorn. I wish the nexon site would work so you could see what she looks like. I wanted to make her in the ship as a kind of tribute to the ol' ship that is getting removed. Q__Q She doubles as a stamp, but I kind of failed on that point! Next time maybe. I always imagined that the gun that a corsair uses is inserted into the ship somehow.. and then that's how they fire??? idk. I'm really happy with how she turned out, I didn't do the moustache on purpose, and I forgot the lightning bolts on her hands, but oh well! I can add them on later.

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Kinshima Level 120 Windia Paladin
That recoil shot stamp is amazing .

I'm sad ship's gonna be gone before I even get to try it; hopefully I can get to 4th job before then.

The gun inserted into the ship is interesting. If I ever get to use it, I'll always think of it that way. Fimo clay :o? Or glazed clay-ish stuff ? Looks really nice anyways (sorry, ended up rambling)!
Jan 06 2012
yingmakes Level 201 Windia Corsair
Haha, don't worry! Yeha, fimo-ish stuff, a local brand though.

Yeah, I'll miss the ship, but I can't wait to try out teh new game play I guess.
Jan 06 2012

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