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piana Level 49 Scania Cleric Piana @
It's been a while since I want to know more about a class now.
Anyway here it goes.

1) Where exactly can I hunt eternal bullet? And how rare it is?
2) I tried macroing three recoil shots and the delay is non-existence. Should I keep it that way or there's any repercussion on doing so?
3) Is quick draw addictive or multiplicative?
4) I heard about dash > wing > headshot combo is the best way to land a hit on airborne boss, how true is this?
5) Which dice should I pick? The 7th one where it gives ignore defence by using loaded dice? Corsair has like 20% ied only if I'm not mistaken.
6) I've heard that corsair gets a flying ship when he hits 150 level, is this true?
7) Why Valerie is such a cute loli?
8) I've heard that ele gives super stance, is this true?
9) Is the 5th job skill worth using during bossing?
10) If I use Parrot Targeting on a boss, does my summon focus on it accordingly as well?

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deeemon Level 210 Scania Hayato 4 DeeMon @
My Corsair still noob, but I try to answer some, dood.

1) Werewolf, Blaze. Takes too damn long to find. I only found 3 in my whole maple-life.
I also found a Giant Bullet recipe from Next-gen Speaker at Kerning Tower. I guess that place is good for ONE thing...
6) Yes, and you can job change and still keep the mount! for pirates anyways. Only works in towns.
7) Because.
8) I think so. I almost never get knocked back when using the thing.
Mar 06 2017
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piana Level 49 Scania Cleric Piana @
1) Well, that sucks. Is the recipe drop rate high tho? Edit : Ayeeee I bought 4 recipes from the FM so that should be good.
These babies have like 3k+ bullets per slot!
6) That's 1 more motivation for me to go.
Can I use the...maple navigation thing with it tho?
As in, double click on a map, pay some mesos and autopilot.
7) How old is she tho.
8) That sounds sick.
Mar 06 2017
deeemon Level 210 Scania Hayato 4 DeeMon @
1) I don't know, I literally found the recipe from the first mob I killed in the second map. I just wanted to get out of this place.
6) Doesn't work for Broadside.
7) Old enough to handle a gun.

Edit: Also, I dunno if your version has those NX-looking weapons, but Bone Fish drops The Jackal guns:
About 4 in an hour, not that bad. It's a pretty cool gun, dood.
Mar 06 2017
piana Level 49 Scania Cleric Piana @
1) Well, it's all good now.
6) DAMN. Well, cool ship is still a cool ship.

Nah my version doesn't has those things.
My version doesn't has a lot of things when compared to GMS but I get to play for free so that's cool.
And I gave him a NX umbrella so it kinda looks funny too.
Mar 07 2017
snailpresident Level 220 Demethos Corsair
2) None that I can foresee. Do you get increased momentum? How long does the total cast time take?
4) Headshot is good for hitting 1 enemy that is roughly at your altitude. Honestly, nuke is my go-to for killing lots of annoying airborn enemies. It may even be worth using wings > easton. You used to be able to cast BS/Easton while gliding. This was removed.
5) Best first option is the one that increases the chance of 4, 5, and 6.
6) Yes. I believe you need to speak to Kyrin. There is also a mount for the original Corsair battleship.
9) Unless you need to hit a lot of things at once, not really.
10) Some do some don't. Octo-cannon focuses, broadside and crew don't. They all get the damage bonus, though.
Mar 18 2017
New Video: 5th Job Corsair Vs 6 Bosses (Under 6min)

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