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Cross jaeger drop Screen

By Galarzaa

Jan 06 2011 Finally, after just one hour of hunting I finally found a Cross Jaeger(84 ATK)
I even leveled... leveling seems a lot faster when you are not expecting it

Got Infinium Circlet(x2), Marine Arund, Beige Lineros, Dark Enigmatic, Mithril Husk(Hidden)

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Solar Level 179 Chaos Zero Transcendent
*Gross Jaeger
Jan 06 2011
hyperfreak Level 93 Windia Chief Bandit
you can just make one with maker o_O
Jan 06 2011
bigbubbybob Level 123 Bellocan Hero
Not you.[/quote]

or me
Jan 06 2011
What the heck is up with the minimap?
Jan 06 2011
TheApple609 Level 103 Mardia Battle Mage 3
What the heck is up with the minimap?[/quote]

You can change it to this or the Original if u go to the settings
Jan 07 2011

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