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Cruel ring works against boss! Screen

By 1013rian

Jul 09 2010 Friend and I PQing in Mushroom Castle. 120K dmg on yeti boss?

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It's not considered a boss as you can find them in El Nath I think.
Oct 06 2010
Even though this was a boss,this wasn't counted an official boss because poison, body pressure, and 1HKO works on it.
Oct 06 2010
that doesnt look like a normal yeti to me, like the ones in nath. But it must not be defined as a boss in the .wz files, so there you are.

Related fact, when bigfoot was first released, nexon did a booboo (as usual) and forgot to tag him as a boss. He could be poisoned, and people were powerleveling off his easy kills.
Oct 06 2010
dataforce Level 121 Chaos Cannoneer 4
How is 120k damage POSSIBLE at your level? So what you have a cruel ring?
Apr 11 2011

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