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Cubing Question: Red vs Master Craftsman

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So I red cubed my badge to legendary with a red cube right. At this point do i continue to use the red cube to try get optimal %'s? Or can I go back to using the craftsman cube since it's now legendary? Idk how the Rec Cube works apart from upgrading the tier
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oiRascal Level 160 Demethos Thunder Breaker 4
You can't use master craftsman cubes on a legendary item because of how it's above unique.
Jan 04 2016
xshadow92 Level 186 Reboot Dark Knight See what games, anime & art xshadow92 is intoxshadow92
Red till something decent. Then black till something perfect
Jan 04 2016
simaini Level 211 Scania Bow Master SMTown Guild
You can use meister cubes for legendary, but not master craftsman cubes. Red cubes reset your potential, black cubes let you see what the potential may be and you can choose if you want that one or the previous one. Ideally you'd use the red cubes until you get something not bad for your equips and then when you really have nothing better to upgrade then you use the black ones to get like 3 lines of % or something.
Jan 04 2016

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