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Cubing and Scrolling service

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nakuls Level 178 Scania Blade Master
I am sorta new to maplestory and i have gotten a lot of chaos scrolls of goodness 50%that are untradeable and I have 1 meister cube that is untradeable. Would anyone want to buy these services off me im just trying to make some mesos so I will not have collateral. Is this even possible or will people not trust me?
Posted: January 2017 Permalink


kaxi Level 210 Renegades Zero Transcendent
If you aren't really known and don't have a voucher, many will be doubtful of your legitmacy. What I suggest you do is either cubing and scrolling your own equips or cube a sweetwater glasses/tattoos for at least a 2L stat and sell it on FM for a pretty substantial amount. You could also join a nonshady guild and try to contribute and make friends that will vouch for you.
Jan 06 2017
nakuls Level 178 Scania Blade Master
@kaxi: okay thanks and what are some good things to chaos scroll?
Jan 06 2017

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