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Custom class - artist Screen

By Hathelian

Hathelian Level 188 Galicia Paladin
Feb 02 2011 I decided to try my hand at some custom attacks for a class I made up. Don't judge too harshly, though! This is my first pixel art piece.
Recolors: Visual Mastery, Visual Booster, Splash
Original sprites: Red Paint, Blot, Harp Booster, Sustain, Harp Mastery, Whole Note, Strum

Skills (all of these are second job) - Painter Route
Red Paint - Temporarily infuses one's paintbrush with shiny red paint, raising the player's attack while increasing the physical and magic DEF of those around you. Paint types become more powerful with each job.
Visual Mastery - The equivalent of what you would assume to be "Brush Mastery", I just think this sounded fancier.
Splash - Allows one to swing massive amounts of paint at up to six enemies.
Visual Booster - You guessed it, Brush Booster but with a different name.
Blot - Use black paint to stab one enemy once. Does a decent amount of damage.

Skills - Harpist Route
Harp Mastery - You know what this is.
Sustain - A shining light comes from above, playing a bright sound and temporarily increasing the stability of the damage of nearby party members. If used with a Cleric's Bless or a Wizard's Meditate, an extra +5 ATT and M.ATT is added that does not cancel out the effects of other skills.
Harp Booster - Temporarily increases playing speed of the harp.
Whole Note - Plays a strong, resonating note that stuns an enemy, also dealing a good amount of damage.
Strum - Plays multiple notes at once, damaging enemies nearby with a 25% chance of stun

Other info:
Yes, this class is purposely underpowered! What Maple needs is classes that make Explorers feel more welcome, not classes that outshine Explorers and make them feel upset! Besides, I feel the Artist class would be well-received by the veteran Maplers.

Fun detail about this class: There is a creation limit! Only a certain amount of Artists can be made at a time, discouraging any huge bandwagon or uproar! In other words, you don't have to worry about a thing.

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steven7x23 Level 158 Bera Marksman
Feb 02 2011
This is great but you need to make skill levels, damage percent, story line, etc
Feb 02 2011
I like the names for the advancements.
Feb 02 2011
I don't want to play a harp.. F4...
OT: I think this concept is great! I love the names of the 4th job advancements, especially Visionary. Sounds cool, loll
Feb 02 2011

Artist would be so cool. C:
Feb 02 2011

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