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Cutest Maple NPC?

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Green Mushroom!

Wait, monsters count as NPCs, right? If not, then those small heart things.
Feb 04 2011
No, I actually am not interested in pixels.
Feb 04 2011
karstentan Level 155 Scania Shadower
mr moneybags
Feb 04 2011
JM From tha Streetz.
Feb 04 2011
Maya. She's my lezbotron lover ♥
Feb 04 2011
katakana Level 176 Elnido Shadower Mode Guild
God, I hate Shumi. I mean, how do you go that far down into the construction area, forget your dumb coin or meso sack, and be unable to get to where you got the first time? I would totally murder her. D:< Well, the cutest female npc has to be Schegerazade, the cutest male npc has to be Cody.
Feb 04 2011
Maya. She's my lezbotron lover &hearts;[/quote]

*cough* HENE *cough* how is she lezbo?
Feb 04 2011
ChristyEh Level 103 Windia Battle Mage 3
The love fairies or w/e ;P
the guy with the glasses in Henesys.. Jay? I'm not sure what the name is. XD
and last but not least, Pia !
Feb 04 2011
*cough* HENE *cough* how is she lezbo?[/quote]

Yuh bro, you're talking to Broa's biggest heneho .
'Cause she likes me ? Duh . We've been secretly dating for ages.
Feb 04 2011
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