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Cwkpq boss in labyrinth Screen

By StraatLamp

StraatLamp Level 212 Scania Wind Archer 4 Studio Guild
Oct 22 2013 I randomly crossed my path with this cwkpq boss whilst exploring in the Gollux Labyrinth :o

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Lohd Level 229 Bera Bishop
You should've taken the screen in fullscreen
Oct 22 2013
HastyHeist Level 157 Galicia Blade Master
it's part of the quest...
Oct 23 2013
Kazno Level 203 Bera Kaiser 4
+1 it's part of the quest...[/quote]

What quest lol, I never got one that required me to kill it.
Oct 23 2013
QuantumLegend Level 210 Bera Mercedes 4
Well it's mentioned that the CWK bosses appear at dead ends. This is just CW forest after all.
Oct 23 2013
Wordolio Level 200 Chaos Night Lord
If I try and take a screenshot on regular mode, it will ignore maplestory and make a screenshot of my desktop instead.
It's really odd and I have no idea why it does that.[/quote]

are you using scroll lock or fn + print screen.
Oct 23 2013
TheTrickst3r Level 170 Scania Blade Master
My laptop has its own button to print screen.
It says 'PrtSc'[/quote]
no, he/she meant that there is an extra button that you need to press with prtsc that makes you take a screenshot of the window that you're on only. maplestory in this case
Oct 27 2013

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