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Cwkpq fixed Screen

By toad

toad Level 200 Bera Battle Mage 4
Aug 25 2012 Someday a wise man said "Nexon should get monkeys to fix all these bugs and glitches"... He was right!

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Aeronomx Level 174 Scania Corsair
Aug 26 2012
Brianfofian Level 179 Windia Night Lord
yes because apparently we all can run a business with no bug/glitches whatsoever
Aug 26 2012
KokoroS Level 143 Khaini Marksman
+2 Toy story3 monkey?
Aug 26 2012
jetsalami Level 164 Bera Bow Master
Toy story3 monkey? [/quote]

That monkey toy has been around longer than you've been alive, miss.
Aug 26 2012

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