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DEF % build might be possible for Hayato

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MapleSEA player here! With defense now uncapped,Hayato can now gain unlimited amount of damage % boost from Shimada Heart.I am NOT a funded player myself but a 12% def line actually gave me a significant increase in my range.With only 31k def right now my Shimada Heart gives +155% Damage.

With the V patch coming to GMS soon I am hoping the funded players of GMS might experiment with this build (DEF %) as I am curious whether it would work. Thanks for reading!
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rexaar Level 225 Scania Hero
Keep in mind that it is %damage so it stack additively with %boss damage, so due to diminishing return from the large amount of %boss, getting %str is more efficient than %def.
Also each str give 2 def, so trading in %str for %def will decrease the amount of base defense you have for %def to take effect on.
Nov 27 2016
@rexaar: Well that is true XD so STR % all the way!
Nov 27 2016

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