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DO NOT click abort on BFF event EVER

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So you have 10 tries to get coins daily, the shop itself just has a few knick-knacks that are decent, personally I want the medal of honors that has 10 in stock (100k honor exp sounds great).

I want to let all of you guys know to NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, NEVER CLICK ON ABORT!

Also ALWAYS hit Accept AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, because of the stupid time limit they put on everything.

Clicking on abort will end the mission counting you and your partner's run. You will lose 1 daily count and will be rewarded with 3 coins and a useless buff.

You will lose a count if you abort before you meet your partner on the first mission.
You will lose a count if you abort as soon as you see who your partner is, before the missions even start.
You will lose a count if you two are in different channels and fail to meet with up under the time limit.
You will lose a count if you or your partner disconnect.

Many don't realize this and end up eating the counts if you partner with them repeatedly, and no adding them to BFF Reject will not prevent them from becoming your partner in the next run.

So what can we do to prevent the loss of these coins and restore a grain of faith in humanity?

First, avoid clicking on Abort at all costs, that thing will give you Super AIDS so don't even breathe on it. I don't care if you keep getting the jerk who does click abort, maybe they'll realize or turn a new leaf. ALWAYS click Accept.

Second, I suggest you move to Channel 1 to increase the likelihood that you can simply teleport to your partner (or vice versa) without dealing with the buggy CC function and the time limit. Use Maple Guide or Hyper Rock to reach your partner if the BFF tele is on cooldown.

Third, don't do BFF if you believe you will disconnect. It happens, but do your part to prevent it from happening so your partner won't have to suffer on the other end.

Fourth, give positive rates and add them to BFF list if they follow through and complete the missions. This will help their ratings against people who rate them bad for no reason. Also I think of it as "thank you for not being an ***" gift.

Fifth, talk, because the entire point of this event is to make friends and also we all know how boring PQs are when nobody talks. It's actually very depressing, just let them know you are a living human bean.

Yes I am mad because 8 out of 10 runs was just people who clicked abort as soon as they saw me, and the 2 other runs failed because I could not meet up with my partner under the time limit (mainly happens if they are in a different channel).
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irlesley Level 200 Mardia Buccaneer
@piana: All her characters look approachable, I don't see the problem.
Mar 03 2017
wellness Level 199 Mardia Phantom 4 Justaway Guild
That's unfortunate. How about whipping us up some art to stare at lovingly?
Mar 03 2017

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