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Da best transparent equips?

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microcras Level 145 Chaos Blaze Wizard 4
Now that the boxes were sold out... R.I.P. >.<
I could only buy three transparent equips...
So specifically which transparent equips are the best?
The hat is probably a must, but I heard of a close to transparent nx equip with a floating heart? there's others too now dat I think of it but a transparent hat is nice to have
Eye accesorry definitely cuz of that SW glasses... dat monocle is hideous (but fabulous )
Face accesory idk because the SW tattoo isn't rlly visible dat much
Cape is nice to cover up the tyrant cape and if you just don't feel like wearing nx wings or something (personally I'm okay with both)
Earring are just probably not needed since they're so small
Shoes idc cuz of nx slippers (they're so adorable
and gloves are sort of bad looking but then again there's alot of nx gloves that look like you're not wearing anything
So... which ones do you think are the best? Make a list down below I'm interested
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Pinklulu Level 230 Elnido Shade 4
For me it's just eye and face accesory.
The hat you mentioned is transparent and leaves a tiny trail of hearts behind, really cute imo.
Most gloves look like you are not wearing anything. I find golf gloves identical to transparent.
Nov 30 2014
KaichouShion Level 208 Scania Zero Transcendent Justaway Guild
shoes, face, and earring
Everything else, you can always anvil things that looks nice to it
Nov 30 2014
BlueSerenade Level 160 Scania Bishop
Ugh i feel you, i bought nx w/o knowing it was sold out
Nov 30 2014
epikkhighh Level 218 Scania Blade Master
shoes face and glasses. get a small hat, like my mini blue hat. requires blue hair though, which you have.
Nov 30 2014
DoctorSilent Level 210 Bellocan Zero Transcendent See what games, anime & art DoctorSilent is intoDoctorSilent
Shoes, gloves, and earrings are a must on my end.
Nov 30 2014
betaboi101 Level 56 Broa Assassin Hanyu Guild
Hat, shoes, and eyes. Get gloves that look like you aren't wearing anything.
Nov 30 2014
jlt2624 Level 208 Scania I/L Arch Mage Compose Guild
Face and eye, imo. I'm getting face cause I have only 4k nx left after getting rekt by miracle time xD
Dec 01 2014
Bordere Level 205 Renegades Zero Transcendent
Eye, There are a lot of cute face accessories to block tattoo
agreed on ugly monocle. i grabbed the package though!
Dec 01 2014
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