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Daily Mission Bugged?

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battleox288 Level 211 Scania Mechanic 4
Today's mission wants you to kill 999 mobs. I went to mp3, Kritias, and Neglected Garden, and none of the kills are registering for my quest. Am I bugged, or just doing something wrong, or what? This is starting to annoy me...
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whoamomma1 Level 41 Windia Assassin
Or you can not be cheap and go buy NX, feed Nexon $$ for Cubes.
Aug 26 2015
i think you're supposed to kill monsters around your level. try mechanical grave (and try the monsters around your level there)
Aug 26 2015
orpz Level 203 Bera Aran 4
go to commerci and do the last 3 voyages for 949 mobs then go to scrapyard for the remaining 51 mobs[/quote]

Rien Harbor x3 (90 energy) gave me ~970 and then the first one (10 energy) gave me 36 which was enough
Aug 26 2015
ragerraging Level 220 Nova Shade 4 Revenance Guild
Rien Harbor x3 (90 energy) gave me ~970 and then the first one (10 energy) gave me 36 which was enough[/quote]

Reason why I say do the last 3 is because they're more profitable from a money making standpoint, but if you want to just do the 999 mobs then you can just do what you've stated. Just trying to be resourceful
Aug 26 2015
kyrsp33dy Level 214 Bera Kaiser 4
MP3 worked for me? Had a NL buddy kill for me, took about a minute.
Aug 26 2015
xxxrinxx Level 228 Bera Corsair
Are you running on windows 8? Try a full shutdown if you are. Happened to me too Open up your quest window to see if they're registering too, they should be.
Aug 26 2015
obec Level 218 Scania Shade 4
I did 3 characters at sdh and my shade at kritias without any problems. Running windows 7 & 8
Aug 26 2015
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