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Damage Ranking Thread

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WorkOfArt Level 165 Windia F/P Arch Mage
It seems that a lot of people are confused about the damage ranks. People are spouting nonsense here and there, and it's getting quite annoying.
It's so easy to just find these damage calculations, but it seems that Basilers are completely unaware that they exist. So I'll make it slightly easier for everyone and put it in a thread.

And yes, this is post-TEMPEST. Most classes didn't get a revamp after Justice, and if they did it didn't count as an "official revamp," so in southperry it says "post justice" for some, but it's completely up to date.

All the following information is taken from southperry.

Maximum possible attack speed (Fastest 2).
Using Adjusted Mastery
No external buffs, no sharp eyes, unless the class can naturally possesses sharp eyes

Single Target DPS

This is based entirely on Percentages. Meaning, in most cases, lower funding will follow these damage charts. However, as funding increases, certain classes will drop in rank and certain classes will rise in rank. A good example is Mercedes, being the 19th rank, will become one of the top ranks with a very high funding.

0) Angelic Burster**
1) Kaiser Transformed
  1. 5) Mechanic **
2) Fire/Poison Arch Mage
3) Kaiser Reg
4) Mikhail
5) Evan
6) Luminous Dark
7) Luminous Light
8) Hero
9) Ice/Lightning Arch Mage
10) Phantom
11) Corsair
12) Shadower
13) Bishop
14) Battle Mage
15) Wild Hunter
16) Marksman
17) Blade Master
18) Bowmaster
19) Mercedes
20) Demon Slayer
21) Buccaneer
22) Cannon Shooter
23) Night Lord
24) Aran
25) Paladin
26) Dark Knight

Mechanic and Angelic Burster are not included because the damage range calculations have not been determined yet. However, it's estimated that Angelic Burster will be #1, with Mechanic at #3, below Kaiser Transformed.

Multiple Target DPS

Note: This is 6 targets. Keep in mind that many classes are able to hit more than 6 targets, such as Fire/Poison Arch Mages, which can hit 8 or more.

0) Angelic Burster **
1) Fire/Poison Arch Mage
2) Kaiser Transformed
3) Ice/Lightning Arch Mage
4) Phantom
5) Bishop
6) Battle Mage
7) Evan
8) Kaiser Regular
9) Demon Slayer
10) Hero
11) Marksman
12) Luminous Dark
13) Aran
14) Luminous Light
15) Shadower
16) Cannon Shooter
17) Mikhail
18) Dark Knight
19) Buccaneer
20) Blade Master
21) Corsair
22) Mercedes
23) Wild Hunter
24) Bowmaster
25) Paladin
26) Night Lord

Mechanic and Angelic Burster are not included because the damage range calculations have not been determined yet. However, it's estimated that Angelic Burster will be #1. As for Mechanic, I have no clue.

I hope this cancels any doubts that most people have. Getting tired of people saying that Mercedes, Evans, Corsairs, and Shadowers have the highest %.

  • This does not apply to classes that can easily hit the damage cap.
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epicpwn24 Level 134 Broa Demon Slayer 4
You forgot Arans for the second chart ~.~
Aug 07 2012
I just want to cry looking at those charts.
Aug 07 2012
Kursed Level 189 Bellocan Cannoneer 4
Well in KMS, mechanics do 2000% with their laser. Seems the same with cannon shooter but I have no idea which is faster
Aug 07 2012
WorkOfArt Level 165 Windia F/P Arch Mage
You forgot Arans for the second chart ~.~[/quote]


Ironic how I also forgot the number 18 so I ended up with 26 anyways >>

Yes and no. There's a lot of factors for each class. For example, Fire/Poison mages are extremely strong in both charts, but they can easily reach the damage cap (this is made more difficult in future patches which increase the number of hits and decrease the damage percentage for skills, allowing them to increase more dps). However, despite the fact that the damage cap is easily reachable, they also have Damage Over Time, which can not only break the damage cap, but can also continue damaging the monster no matter what circumstance.

So in boss fight situations where the boss uses seduce/stun/seal/heavy knockback/etc., other classes like Mercedes would have to pause their damage output, but Fire/Poison mages will continue to deal decent damage.
Aug 07 2012
daeyun Level 203 Bera Shadower
Yea true... Shadowers just hav like the most atks in one skill, not dmg %.
Aug 07 2012
Wow, even after our revamp, Night Lords are still at the bottom [/quote]

Cry with me.
Aug 07 2012
WorkOfArt Level 165 Windia F/P Arch Mage
Dont mechanics have the highest hits per second, giving them higher dps if they cap than mercedes?[/quote]

I have no idea, which is why i put "one of the top ranks" for Mercedes hitting cap. If Mechanics do, then yes. If not, then no. Mercedes hits (last I checked) 1700 times per minute on average, so it's quite a feat if they can.
Aug 07 2012
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