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Damage Ranking of the Different Classes

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gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
I cant find the url, anybody else can ? Thanks !
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gakinotsukai Level 240 Bera Bishop
+2 $50000+ - SSS tier
$20000-$49999 - SS tier
$10000-$19999 - S tier
$5000-$9999 - A tier
$1000-$4999 - B tier
$500-$999 - C tier
$100-$499 - D tier
$1-$99 - E tier
In game farming - F tier

Rank with your wallet, not with the DPS from hitting a scarecrow that doesn't move with 0 PDR for one minute.
Feb 07 2017
beefly Level 60 Bellocan Beginner Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art beefly is intoBeefly
Here's the DPM chart.

It's probably outdated and if not it will be outdated, it's KMS only so no JMS classes or Jett.
Bugs are included, cooldown buffs also included, the creator of the chart is biased for I/L mages (making them lower than they really are in an attempt to prevent I/L nerfs), funds greatly affect some classes more than others (hence why Xenon is low, it would be very high if everyone had more funds). Basically this chart is bull crap, only thing you should take in consideration is Jett is bottom tier.

It's only nice to know if you want to avoid very sucky classes, like nobody really thinks to main a Bishop purely for bossing DPS unless they really like the job itself.
Feb 07 2017
ieatrice08 Level 204 Windia Blade Master
I can list out which class dpm rankings based on each funding tier, but will leave out some as some sections may have way too many to include. I will list general ones, but feel free to ask me any questions if need be. The funded section accounts for the scaling of final damage, weapon multipliers, special stat scalings, and etc. And yes this is post removal of damage cap.

-DA (high base damage output and easy early options to gain range)

-DRK (high base damage output with gungnir)

-Xenon (gains a lot of range early on and right away but begins to scale slower at semifunded tier and starts to be lower and lower on DPM rankings the more funded you get due to inflated range, rarity of allstat, slow attack speed, and limited funding options)

-Nightlord (high base damage output/Insane lines)

-FP Mage(extremely high base damage output)

-Kinesis (high bas DPM output)

-Aran (High damage percent)

-Hero (Very High damage percent w/ multipliers)

-DS(High damage percent/lines)

-DB (begins to scale very well with scrolled double weapons)

-Kinesis (high base DPM output w/ great scaling of final damage)

-Cannoneer (once this class gains attack speed inner/buffs their DPM skyrockets)

-DS(very high lines and okay scaling with metamorphosis but weak wep multiplier and high damage percent)

-Dark Knight(high damage percent while having one of the best multipliers in the game-cross surge)

-Aran (very high damage percent w/ good amount of lines)

-Hero (high damage percent and very high final damage multipliers)

-DA (high damage percent but begins to scale off at funded tiers)

-Night Lord (high damage percent with insane lines and amazing wep multiplier)

-Hayato (has by far the highest DPM/scaling when funded due to shimada heart which gives up to 500% total damage if you cap DEF)

-Phantom (insane final damage multipliers when stealing the strongest final damage buffs like cross surge and final cut,big crit damage-multipliers,and insane amount of lines)

-Kinesis (also has incredible amounts of final damage + high base DPM)

-DB (double perfected weapons make you scale with potentials really well along with free 30% boss on sw katara and gaining double the benefits of att% in comparison to other classes, also has final cut which is one the best final damage multipliers in the game)

-NightLord (insane base dpm output and insane amount of lines with spreadthrow along with high wep multiplier)

-hero/drk (high base damage output with very good scaling of high final damage

-Aran (very high damage percent with decent weapon multiplier and good amount of lines)

-Cannoneer(Tons of lines, highest weapon multiplier, high damage percent)
Feb 09 2017

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