Sad Mask
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Damage cap lolz Screen

By bandducky511

bandducky511 Level 147 Khaini Bow Master
Feb 21 2011 Normal Monsters + Apple + FundedShad = ???
If you know who this is dont say it xD
The shad doesnt want people to know who he/she is :]

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unkownstar09 Level 120 Bera Blade Recruit
It would be nice if everybody stopped posting screenies like these.

More awesome sauceness of shadowers = more shadwagon = inflation in dagger scrolls[/quote]

I also dont want dagger scrolls to go up
Feb 21 2011
Flamesnation Level 201 Khaini Marksman
zomg i know who it is his first name starts with a n and ends with ick
Feb 21 2011
mmmm, and they're not even critical
wtf, and shadow partner does the same too? :O
Feb 21 2011
jollibee Level 165 Khaini Shadower
Ok, he's not on apples thats his solid clean 30k to something k range
and first his perfect shield now this !
For shame you "modest" shad D<
Feb 21 2011

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