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Damage for a zero

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darkhart Level 185 Windia Zero Transcendent See what games, anime & art darkhart is intoDarkHart
Uhh so my unfunded Zero has about 100k range on Alpha/ beta buffed. Is this below average? If so, how can I improve my range?
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vicetone Level 210 Scania Zero Transcendent
i wanna ask what your level is.But yes that's below average.
Aug 09 2016
srai7 Level 202 Scania Zero Alpha See what games, anime & art srai7 is intoSRai7
I think it'd help if you provide information on what equips you currently have ! From there on I can try provide some advice to improving your range !
Aug 19 2016
darkhart Level 185 Windia Zero Transcendent See what games, anime & art darkhart is intoDarkHart
Thanks! I have 100m mesos right now, what should that be used on?

My equipment is:
Cra 7-star, epic pot- trash

Cra 8 star
7-star Cra
11-star dimension gloves
10-star maple treasure cape
Silver blossom
Kannas treasure
Symphony ring
Max heroes ring
Eternal time
Crystal Venus
10-star lazuli type 7
+233 atk 7%str
10 star reinforced gollux
6-star pensalir
Dea sides earring
Future warrior
5 star black metal shoulder

Thanks in advance!
Aug 26 2016
spireweb Level 119 Windia Night Lord
work on farming gollux for a better ring and earring which you can scroll using gollux scrolls but also farm the blue prot scrolls from the reward shop so you can save those upgrade slots just in case, also you can try killing easy magnus for nova shoes but it might take about 50 kills before you get the shoes for your specific class, same goes for the cape but if you can, then try to save up for a tyrant cape you should also keep re rolling your weapon's potential since it's easy to farm points and do that until you get something like 20% dmg and 30% boss, and this ones kind of obvious but if you havent done so already make sure you max on damage on the hyperstat window and also boss damage then it really becomes just farming cubes to get those 6% str pots or higher if you get lucky.
my zero has 330k range buffed and I spent about 1b funding total just for the tyrant cape + cra

for farming cubes zakum drops cubes most commonly at least for me also you can abuse the coin shop, and always mine those mysterious veins the spawn now and then because they have a pretty good chance of dropping a cube and lastly you can farm elite bosses to get cubes and messos but the fastest way to do this is durring a 2x exp just go to drakes then shahael 2 then twighlight perion and keep cc-ing until you find a map that is comfirmed "dark" then wait for spawn etc. Ive killed about 10 eliete bosses in about 30 mins before on a good day.

hope this helps!
Aug 26 2016

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