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iskono4ever Level 209 Khaini Night Lord
Hello guys , could someone name a good bosses that i can solo daily ?
my current damage full buffed is 700k
so could someone helps me out ?
Posted: July 2016 Permalink


chocowzzrd Level 199 Scania Hero See what games, anime & art chocowzzrd is intochocowzzrd
I think these bosses are a go for you .

Normal Zak, RA, Horntail, Chaos Horntail, Ranmaru, Madman Ranmaru, Easy Magnus, Normal Magnus (will be a bit hard), Easy/Normal Gollux, and PB.
Jul 06 2016
lordanubis Level 221 Scania Paladin
@iskono4ever: I can solo hard gollux with some chars that have only 300k range and NL dont have to worry about the mobs bcuz their flying stars can kill them, tell us why u cant beat hardux or in wich part u got stuck, so we can give u some tips, actually with ur range u can be a finisher for hellux too.
OT: Madman Ranmaru its gliched(i guess) atm, bcuz the fire pillars(bcuz he cant summon the monks) dont appear anymore, so its just a punchbag with a lot hp, gives nice exp and its pretty easy to kill with enough range, PB, magnus and like I said Hard Gollux, von Leon, Hilla and u can party for some other harder bosses, dont just think about soloing.
Jul 06 2016
exor Level 214 Reboot Night Lord
@iskono4ever You sure can solo Hardlux, just kill both arms and stay at the entrance portal. You wont get hit by any jaw attack.
Jul 06 2016
iskono4ever Level 209 Khaini Night Lord
thanks , ill give ti a try
Jul 06 2016

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