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Dark Crescent Boots - STR 8, DEX 9 Screen

By Lukavi

Lukavi Level 78 Bera Wild Hunter 3
Feb 05 2011 I have 2 sets of Snowshoes (warrior) with 10 & 11 speed but needed something
with more defense & better stats. Was feeling lucky when the first of Feb 2011 rolled
around so i created some epic boots.

1 30% & 60% Shoe Jump
3 60% Shoe Speed

Came out with this. For some reason or another, 30 / 60 scrolls have
been working quite well with me lately.

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now destroy it with 90% pot scroll
Feb 05 2011
ghio4 Level 171 Bera Buccaneer
he left awhile ago. and he should come back. and gratz/early gratz on 120. Dunno if you hit it already f3
Feb 05 2011
ComboPeng, why are you on basil everyday commenting on threads with hate?
Go do something productive in your low life.
Feb 05 2011
bobkiller2 Level 159 Bera Phantom 4
pssh i've seen better
Mar 30 2011

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