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Dark Knight Question

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fjflickz Level 200 Galicia Zero Shared
Is a dk a good class to start off in a new server(scania) looking for people to play with moving from grazed
Posted: February 2017 Permalink


xkiro Level 212 Scania Blade Master
I dont know much about dark knights but we can be friends! Add: Kirø
Feb 09 2017
ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
Pretty much what Piana said. DA is pretty much the best "starting off in a new server" class since you don't need pots, they're pretty strong on their own, and have a great link skill and character card.
Feb 09 2017
ieatrice08 Level 204 Windia Blade Master
DA as mentioned above is a great starting class. DRK is, however, a very good class for the long haul and also unfunded. You have high damage percent with Gungnir and you still scale extremely well with funds due to the crazy amount of final damage you get from cross surge. In terms of overall bossing, not DPM, they are both similar in capability, but I would give that to DA as they have more waveclear and tank better than Drk.

Dark knight wins in damage for the long haul, but DA is the better bosser. Both are equal when training.
Feb 09 2017

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