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Dark Knight range to finish dojo

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yvgamer94 Level 110 Elnido Battle Mage 4 Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art yvgamer94 is intoyvgamer94
I now have about 2.7m range to 3m range clean now (thanks to spell trace for my glove and hat). Unfortunately thanks to the event a few weeks ago where you were given free circulators, I rolled to legendary but lost my 38% buff duration to nothing in my inner ability. Now with only 30% bd in total, I have to wait around 20ish seconds before I can use sacrifice again. Currently I can get up to the last stage and get him to around half hp before I am kicked out.

Point of thread, you need somewhere near this range to finish dojo and about 60-70% buff duration as a Dark knight.

Currently have 284% str and 14800str in stat window clean including 3000str from arcane symbols.
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m4g02005 Level 230 Scania Dark Knight GameOfThrone Guild See what games, anime & art m4g02005 is intom4g02005
I dont have %buff duration on my inner and i am able to finish dojo with 19.6k str within 10-11 min (havent tried with a good net speed) so maybe you can with a bit more str or depends on ur weapons... Not everything its about visual range ... Maybe +1 atk speed inner would help you
Mar 03 2017

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