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Dark Totems

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Xaiosun Level 206 Kradia Dark Knight
Has anyone been able to obtain the dark totems? Ive only gotten gold so far as the best.... 2 gold, 3 silver, the rest copper.... done it every day so far also just in case anyone didnt know, you can wear more than one of the same totem so if youre a warrior you can wear 3 of the +37 str 15watk totems.
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mariofan128 Level 191 Scania Shade 4
I got one dark totem on my 1st try, it's all about luck
Oct 09 2014
Ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
I've gotten Darks. They're not common but they're not super rare either.
Oct 09 2014
FryDemCats Level 211 Khaini Dark Knight
I have 2 so far. 1 Doom and 1 Hellia. And then a gold doom. lol
Oct 09 2014
After opening like 300, I have 5 Dark totems.
Oct 09 2014
Baroo Level 135 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art Baroo is intoBaroo
I've gotten four out of three characters so far: two characters have gotten one each while the third has gotten two.
Oct 09 2014
LordAnubiS Level 221 Scania Paladin
got a dark doom on my zero, only gold in my pally, but we have many chances to get darks the entire month
Oct 09 2014
22mchan Level 210 Bera Battle Mage 4
I haven't gotten a single dark totem yet either. I feel you brah
Oct 09 2014
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