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Dark knight on 13x exp? fastest dark knight grinder! Video

By jakbeer

jakbeer Level 213 Arcania Blade Master Royal Guild See what games, anime & art jakbeer is intojakbeer
Dec 14 2013 12x EXP?????? I will use pendant of spirit for tomorrow, i ran out of female bosses and pianus in maple world so i called it a day after the hour was up. I used HS+ 2xDay+ Compensation Coupon+ Everyone IN coupon + monster park extreme potions. Speed Infusion and Green Potion made Dark Impale illegally fast but still legit (oxymoron). My Phantom provided me the att, dps, and exp boost. But I he felt more like a slave than a mule T_T.

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Man, if you were in the ludiMPE and killing them faster, you wouldve leveled up every 10 seconds
Dec 16 2013

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