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Dawn warrior active hyper skill! Screen

By NotMyGear

NotMyGear Level 166 Bera Shade 4
Oct 06 2013 Finally hit 170 today. Tried out the new hyper skill, looks pretty damn sexy!

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Wordolio Level 200 Chaos Night Lord
what do u mean lol[/quote]

I would think that he is talking about the guild you're in.
Oct 08 2013
NotMyGear Level 166 Bera Shade 4
yeah but I don't get what he means by "as expected". .___.
Oct 08 2013
Probably meaning that he's not surprised by how strong you are? Because your guild is well known for strong members? IE: In broa the strongest guilds (in terms of strength) are Aries (sorry if i spelled that one wrong), Prelude, etc
Oct 08 2013

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