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Db rendition: db and the hayato Screen

By Rezoina

Rezoina Level 116 Scania Hayato 4 Harbor Guild
Jul 26 2012 Alright so it's me again, and I wanted to get another drawing going on and this time I used everyone's advice, and a lot of help from my friend Val.

So here we go: I saw the Hayato class, which is the JMS exclusive or replacement and I was pretty jealous. At first my rendition was to make a "cleaned-up" version of the Dual Blade, but ended up mixing in with the Hayato class unconsciously. I used certain elements of the the Dual Bladers: the two blades, theify looking, very agile looking (DB's notorious fast mobility), and vengeance sort of look (The whole Lady Sly deal thing with the Dark Lord Jin). I also used some of that clean white clothing that the DB cover guy has on and what all the other Dualer's got on too. I made it Japanese-esque to set that mood in both the Dual Blade realm and Hayato realm too.

I didn't like the whole dagger look either, and especially with Maplestory daggers because its to odd and big to make an assassins look to it, so I threw in lot's of Assassins Creed stuff like the belt and the sash which holds that Naruto like scroll. That whole assassins look also better with thinner and more mobile looking weapons so I got those Katanas off the Hayato class. I also have that half mask with the specs, because that needed refinement from my other drawing so I just suck it in to kind of give what the other people were questioning about. The two characters off the top right corner says: REVOLUTION in Japanese to set that whole Lady Sly thing that I felt that got lost, (I mean come'on! We didn't get to kill Jin!) and the clan banner says: TWO SWORDS in Chinese. I think that might have been the closest to Dual Blade, hahahaa.

My moon kind of looks like an odd cookie, sorry about that and my faces are still mediocre, because the lack of practice. The black does look off which my minder has pointed out, but I forgot how to Photoshop! So I had to use the best of my ability to use GIMP and get a more night look to fit in with the assassin motif. that background is Mount Fuji, and he's supposed to be on on top of a building, but I forgot about the tiling. I couldn't make use of my mechanical pencil which wasn't nimble enough for me to do some more background work and I did start on a pagoda, but edited it out because it looked too chunky and might have threw of the simpler approach that I did promise to some people.

So without much further ado, I present my rendition of the Dual Blades! (more of the amalgam of DBs and Hayatos) But anyways do comment, as I look forward to all comments because I know this is nothing like some of the work in Basil!

Special thanks to everyone who complained about my last one (I'm only kidding, complaining I think was a lot nicer, because I was expecting insults with that one) and Val, the Basiler/my minder.

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Yakashiku Level 200 Khaini Corsair
definite improvement. looks awesome! good job maaaan.
Jul 26 2012
iVege Level 10 Khaini
Can we see this on just paper?
Jul 26 2012
fun2killu Level 90 Windia Mechanic 3
It could use more shading. Some items just blend into each other.
The feet could use more definition as well.

Your art is improving though!
Jul 26 2012
Braviary Level 102 Scania Hermit
I thought this was Masamune from the thumbnail.
I guess I've been playing too much Conquest.
Jul 26 2012
Rezoina Level 116 Scania Hayato 4 Harbor Guild
@PoetryIsMeh Thanks! My minder told me the black was too dark and yeah I couldn't draw 'dem eyes really good either, hahaa. @iVege
[url=]Here's without the contrast/on paper[/url]

@fun2killu Glad that its not getting worse, hahaa. Thanks though!

@LazyLazyLazy Yeah, it's a fan. I was gonna do a brush, which if you do see the bottom of it, you can see it, but the fan was more Japanese like. Vengeance and the whole Uchiha clan from Naruto got into my head too. My main inspiration for the motif was actually that silhouette of Itachi on top of the electrical post on the night that he committed massacre.

@Kythro Sorry, the background kind of went too strong, but I wanted something right to the point to give it the dark and isolated (DB's I always felt were that way, b/c not many thieves like us) feeling right away.

@everyone Thanks!
Jul 27 2012

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