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Dc hacking with whispers?

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RadiantSnipe Level 210 Zenith Aran 4
Is there any way to stop people who dc you by spamming whispers?
I can't do anything on my aran because this kid is lagging me.... >.<
Edit: Everything's fine now, got my alliance to talk with him
Posted: January 2012 Permalink


Jampysos Level 166 Khaini Paladin
Whisper d/c is back?

Try disabling whispers?

Wedding d/c is the real problem...
Jan 02 2012
Turn your whispers off....

System > System Options
Jan 02 2012
RadiantSnipe Level 210 Zenith Aran 4
I disabled whsipers but i lag even more
Edit: I didn't do anything bad other than state the fact that i hate mercedes
Jan 02 2012
Log off. He'll assume you're DCed and stop. Then log back on. At least that's what I did.
Jan 02 2012
probably he want you to log off and then hacking you
Jan 02 2012
RadiantSnipe Level 210 Zenith Aran 4
I did that and he just found me again and started lagging me....
Edit: (Above) Probably not, im not d/cing just lagging hard...
Jan 02 2012

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