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December Fun Attendance Event

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blahblah922 Level 210 Scania Blade Master
So according to the patch notes the December Fun Attendance Event has a chance to give out the following:

December 4 - December 31

A 7-day attendance check event.
Click the Attendance Log on the left side of the screen to participate.
Rewards include:
Meso Magnet (30 Days)
Hair Coupon REG (30 Days)
Random Pet (Permanent)
Auto Item Pouch (30 days)
Face Coupon REG (30 days)
Wing Boots
Premium Avatar Random Box (30 days)
Hyper Teleport Rock (7 days)
2x Drop Coupon
2x EXP Coupon
Auto-fill All Cure Potion (30 days)
Random Mount (Permanent)
Monster Familiar Coupons (3)
HP Auto-fill (30 days)
MP Auto-fill (30 days)

But if you log onto MapleStory and check your event tabs and scroll down to [Attendance] December Fun it shows a Super Weekend Ring (Stage 5) and a 50% unique potential scroll as rewards. My question is did Nexon left these rewards out in the patch notes? or are they rewards for completing 7 days of Attendance for December Fun?
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Kazno Level 203 Bera Kaiser 4
Unique Pot Scroll and Ring are probably for the perfect attendance after the 7 days.
Dec 05 2013

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