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Decent Starting Hayato Gear?

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So i made a hayato when he was first released and kinda left him at 120, and just got back into playing a couple days ago. I'm noticing that theres not a lot of katanas around nor do i know which are "gettable" or easilly obtainable since im still using a level 105 katana at level 140. Is there like recipes i need, or bosses or party quests i should aim to fight to get semi passable decent gear for him?

I've not played maplestory for a good 6 months so when i came back i was completely lost as everything was revamped and redone, so any help on what i should do would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: September 2013 Permalink


Reunite Level 200 Renegades Mercedes 4
You can get the Necro one from Evo lab, I've seen lv. 135 Katanas roaming around from the Marvel event and the lv. 140 (Emp Katana) should be fairly cheap due to Fairy vials recently.
Sep 08 2013
danboy137 Level 211 Bellocan Kanna 4
your best bet for a temp wep is the imperial katana (130 for the low funded) and using azawan scrolls until some good scrolls come out for endgame
Sep 08 2013
How exactly do you get the imperial katana? not seeing it on the list of katanas in the item section.
Sep 08 2013

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