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Def beginner stats Screen

By MuffinsINC

MuffinsINC Level 210 Reboot Hayato 4
Jul 15 2010 this is the stats of my def beginner
as you can obviously see i focus on getting my def as high as possible so i can save as much possible cash on potions
i sacrifice damage but i make up for it with defense
on a beginner attack isnt the mst usefull stat thanks to our pathetic 10% mastery

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MuffinsINC Level 210 Reboot Hayato 4
My def1848 lol[/quote]

:Looks at date you posted:
Herp da derp my bucc has almost 3000def
May 19 2011
MuffinsINC Level 210 Reboot Hayato 4
*looks at chat bar and in right hand corner* oh god don't remind me of that stupid how to find friends event... 24/7 nothing but "O HAI THAR! I'M LOOKING FOR FRANZ 33!" and if u try regular smegaing you'd be cut out in like a second :I plus your message would be buried under the friend smegas. That gave me such a headache..[/quote]

None of us missed that, it was hell D=
Jul 12 2011

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