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kill mushrooms and snail and getting exp
Apr 14 2011
Frustrating, depressing. Lv200.
Apr 14 2011
lol, some people on basil sure are creative...
Apr 14 2011
'Tis a story of trees in a field of maple syrup.
Apr 14 2011
A game that is run by and ruined by merchanters, ksers, 9 year olds, and overpowered jobs.
Created by the horrible company we know as Nexon, who sells you NX (which also runs the game) inwhich you get
addicted to.
Apr 14 2011
XDzealon Level 145 Bera Buccaneer
My money.
Apr 14 2011
Controlled by the worst company ever.
Fun Game
Full of 12 year olds

im not trying piss you off or anything but Nexon is doing fine.... no company is perfect and dont expect them to be its not easy running a company when there are people with no life hacking and such....also i am a 12 year old and people online mistake me for a well mannered 16 year old becuase online im not like other 12 year olds that are just annoying online....
Apr 14 2011
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