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Definition of Scamming?

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ericmart Level 221 Bera Dark Knight BIackbean Guild See what games, anime & art ericmart is intoEricBB
Hello! People perceive a scammer in many different ways and I just want to see from the maple community if this example would be considered as a scam.

So recently my friend was asked to reset his shop since someone wanted to purchase an item but the shop had mesos in it. My friend cleans the shop but realizes too late that his top item that he did not want to sell for 10b was now buyable. The "buyer" then quickly snipes the 10b item and now my friend lost an item that was worth more than 10b.

The buyer played this trick multiples times on different people and successful with some and not with others, but victims of this method are not brave enough or willing to take a broad interpretation to consider this as a scam.

Does my friend have the right to call him a scammer?

Update: The scammer was banned and because he lost quite a lot of money and gained money through illegal transactions/ scheming, and you don't get banned for only scamming. The guy distributed his money to start a fire which is all that is left of him. That ladies and gentleman is what happens when you're a legit player and a non-legit player gets banned. and tries to stir up the most possible drama because all is lost.
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beefly Level 60 Bellocan Beginner Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art beefly is intoBeefly
+2 I would consider that scamming, but whoever first thought of that is a genius.

I personally would just set up a shop with just that item in fear that he actually wanted to steal my spot. I also have not used an FM Shop in 4 years.

Considering that Nexon actually bans people who simply loot another man's dropped useless item and the 'victim' reports it as stealing/hacking which successfully results in a ban to the offender. (Which is why whenever I loot an equip I am quick to extract it.)

If you didn't understand what I said, I said you can definitely report him and there is a high chance he will get banned. Not sure about the fate of the item though. He can however "bribe" Nexon to keep him online, if he files an appeal stating how much NX he spent if any. (But then again so can your friend and the others he scammed, so more power for you guys.)

I also think Nexon can be influenced by popular opinion, so if everyone reports him with different scenarios the ban is more likely. Chances are he has another account though, so it's really all for the item which again idk what ever happens to that.
Mar 06 2017
pinyin Level 107 Zenith Beginner
+1 If this scam person did not buy the item he asked for, then yes.

But at the end of the day he made a legit 10b purchase, taking action would be complicated.
Edit: unless maybe if your friend has ss/video proof. I personally use nvidias shadowplay to record, it has a feature to save the last 5mins of whatever im doing in-game
Mar 06 2017
ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
+4 That sounds like a scam to me.
Mar 06 2017
mlyslavi Level 211 Bera Aran 4 See what games, anime & art mlyslavi is intoEmyi
Eric, I would see that as a scam. But this person you're referring to: if you have screenshots/videos, any concrete evidence to put up with instead of hollering into the dark at Bera Discord will be well appreciated instead of inappropriately accusing this person and anyone else. Evidence comes first, accusing comes second.
Mar 07 2017
chopin Level 177 Scania Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art chopin is intoShinsuke
+5 Yes but ur friend is the one to blame for his loss
Mar 07 2017
ericmart Level 221 Bera Dark Knight BIackbean Guild See what games, anime & art ericmart is intoEricBB
@mlyslavi: I have spoken to many of my colleagues and there seems to be a unanimous agreement that this tactic is deceiving, manipulates with the feelings. When someone asks to see an item, you get excited and forget everything else. However, they have a malicious intent and does not purchase the item they asked for, but because the store was cleared up due to their request, everything in the shop is now purchasable.

Now this person has had a previous reputation and continues to violate ToS by bypassing a ban already held onto his account. This behavior will not be accepted, we shall raise awareness, and hope no one ever will fall for this scam. I will refrain from listing him as a direct scammer, but he is someone that you should be very cautious against.

Again, if it was up to me-- he will be a scammer, but people interpret the definition of scammer in something simple like paying for items and not getting it. Just because this is a more advanced tactic does not reject all possibilities of a scam.

@chopin It is my friend's fault for his careless mistake, but this is a matter of playing on someone's feelings by temporarily blinding them because they are excited that someone is interest in an item. But thank you in general for agreeing that this specific case is indeed a scam!
Mar 07 2017
mlyslavi Level 211 Bera Aran 4 See what games, anime & art mlyslavi is intoEmyi
It is a good idea to raise awareness for that unacceptable behavior but you never make your move until your friend became victim and now you decided to take action? Listen, your friend is the one to blame for not thinking twice and fall but it's really inappropriate to bring this to light without concrete evidence now. And also, spreading rumors? Childish thing to do as leader of a really high prestige guild of Bera. Not cool at all.

And honestly, who makes a thread on BasilMarket about how scamming is defined? This is called BasilMarket for a very specific reason and it is not called BasilHowDoYouDefineScammingMarket.

Mar 07 2017
tiguier Level 121 Bera Buccaneer
It is a scam, you can't do a thing about it. There is no evidence that he agreed (?) on not buying your item and even if there was any, nexon can't and won't do anything simply because the scammer didn't break the TOS.

You can only learn from this.
Mar 07 2017
takumurai Level 172 Broa Blade Recruit
+8 What's done is done.
Your friend is a fool for so easily forgetting that his items can be sniped at any given moment.
Stop trying to seek online validation by making a thread, because these things happen all the time.
People misprice things, but they regret it for a while and learn to move on.

Don't try to stir things up by taking to fansite forums to bash on said buyer.
Ultimately, the buyer paid 10b and in doing so, did NOTHING wrong whatsoever, because from what you've provided, all he did was say he was interested in the item.

It's not a scam, nor a trick.
Clearly, it is entirely the seller's fault; don't try to blame others for your silly mistakes.
Mistakes are to learn from, so be grateful.

I noticed you're only acknowledging the opinions of people in favour of calling this a "scam".
Considering the fact that your imposed purpose in making this thread was to gather different opinions as to whether or not it's a scam... and not to try to correct others' judgement, or try to convince them to agree with you by providing flawed points... this is pretty pointless.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but a clean LGR in Bera should be around 15~20b.
Having only lost 5b (which amounts to just below $10USD) as stupid as your friend was, he's lucky.
Thus, this isn't really worth the drama fest it's causing over the rainbow.
Mar 07 2017
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