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Demon Avengers completely sideline Pallys?

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Lvl 109 with 52k HP (According to the Demon Avenger guide)? *Deep, sorrowful sigh* Now we lost the one unique (and useful) trait we had of being MapleStory's tankers. Well, we can still hope that DA's take triple the amount of damage Pallys do.... that could even the odds?

Would love to hear the opinions of the more experienced paladins (or overall players in general).

- A Paladin lover.
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They both seem cool, no need to compare their methods of defense.
However, to the person who talked about seduce and whatnot, don't DA have mad amounts of status resistance ? and they won't die from damage reflect as easily...
Theoretically I like their ways better, but who knows what it's really gonna be like playing one. My love for pallies ain't going nowhere either way.
Apr 21 2013
Blazetent Level 204 Broa Buccaneer Nimbus Guild
@Ghostic0n: I forgot to mention. The likelihood of having heavily funded DA in gms, in comparison to a heavily funded Pally. And other than hyper DA's are fairly balanced.
Apr 21 2013
TyeDie Level 153 Galicia Demon Slayer 4
CO will save Pallys
Apr 21 2013
UAHeroV Level 187 Windia Paladin
since when did pallys have good hp to begin with? they only have more hp than arans when compared to warriors. its the defense/guard/godmode that make pallys a tank. not the hp
Apr 21 2013
sumyounguy Level 204 Broa Shadower
I don't remember paladins relying on insane amounts of HP to survive. If that was the case wouldn't drks be better off than paladins because they can HB themselves and have tons of hp themselves? The reality is is that paladins damage reduction is what makes them so hard to kill along with divine shield and god mode. Paladins also have support skills which makes them worthwhile in parties. Threaten is going to be one of pallies greatest assets after unlimited.
Apr 21 2013
Sous Level 155 Galicia Aran 4
most* bosses post unlimited do their dmg bassd on % hp, just like root abyss, bypassing achiles, power guard, guarding skills, etc

so both classes are equally defenceless, well ignoring the fact that pallys can use sacrosanctity[/quote]

And ignoring the fact that any DA's with 100k+ hp cannot heal 100% of their hp back due to power elixers capping at 99k. I guess if honsters and gingerale or w.e the 60%hp and 75% hp/mp potion don't have a cap then DA's aren't as screwed if their hp reaches cap.
Apr 21 2013
SombraManx Level 204 Zenith Dark Knight
@Sous: their hp caps at 500k

and i think the cap for the power elixirs is gonna increase to 300k for them (but im just guessing)
Apr 21 2013
Sous Level 155 Galicia Aran 4
@SombraManx: Sorry i didn't make myself clear. I already knew their hp capped at 500k i just meant that 100k+ you will no longer heal 100%. Also they wouldn't have had put a cap on elixirs or power elixirs if it wasn't to hurt demon avengers. What other class would want to get to 100k hp since it'll only hurt them when they fight against bosses who do percent damage.
Apr 21 2013
Eruditez Level 14 Demethos Mercedes 1 See what games, anime & art Eruditez is intoEruditez
I don't see a problem, we had pretty much average HP anyways, nothing too "special".
Apr 21 2013
Thiefzer0 Level 205 Mardia Paladin
as voyboy said. tanking doesn't help anyone but you. And as many people have said. Paladins aren't tanks because of their HP. we're tanks because of our power guard/ divine shield/ guardian/ achilles/ shield mastery/ hp recovery/ and sacrosanctity. We also have other useful skills like threaten and magic crash.
Apr 21 2013
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