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Deviousham Screen

By Simonpig

Jul 26 2012 Credits to mishee.

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Thorontur Level 32 Bera Angelic Buster 2
I actually think its cute.
Jul 26 2012
iVege Level 10 Khaini
+1 So many goggles
Jul 26 2012
stupid daniel ! t_t ! whhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ?
Jul 26 2012
Zingmin Level 212 Broa Corsair
Looks good, but the eyes are too far apart in my opinion.
Jul 26 2012
PowPowHammer Level 133 Galicia Bishop
I saw the thumbnail for this picture on the main page and I thought it was Jake the dog from Adventure Time.
Jul 26 2012
I remember him from my old alliance. Most people hated him so he got kicked [/quote]

& was that REALLY necessary to post on this screen?
Keep your dumb guild/ally drama IN your dumb guild/ally.
Jul 26 2012

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