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Did anyone get hacked?

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So I got home from school to see my VSS 3L unique gone, my Scg and my mesos... this is the first time that this has happened to me and its in the world Bera. I was wonder if anyone else got hacked? Now what should I do?
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HydroShark Level 50 Windia Dawn Warrior 2
My nx got hacked o-o Thats about it though...
Jan 16 2012
i make these threads too! to get myself noticed and getmy freee BFC. but in reality we didnt really get hacked
Jan 16 2012
refreshxd Level 140 Scania Phantom 4
Well quit looking at you know... Jordan I do the same!
Jan 16 2012
Jan 16 2012
Boonyboonboon Level 66 Galicia Aran 2
My berans were hacked too..I is legit no hacked items or anythin
Jan 16 2012
You guys can believe what you believe, but i did get hacked
Jan 17 2012
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