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Did nexon screw up something?

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knitex0 Level 238 Galicia Mechanic 4 See what games, anime & art knitex0 is intoKniteX0
Can't get into the game cause there's no channel select at world select screen. This happening to anyone else?
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derkion Level 162 Bera Night Lord
I cant even launch the game =(
Feb 01 2017
whatthejew Level 250 Windia Beginner
Very strange, I have no problems with one laptop, and haven't dced/crashed/have any login problems.
Yet on another laptop of mine I keep getting runtime errors when I try launching the game, never had this issue before this update. o-0
Feb 01 2017
gargantula2 Level 228 Reboot Demon Slayer 4
Inb4 another maintenance. They actually made the game even worse.
Feb 01 2017
luckysausage Level 118 Windia Night Lord See what games, anime & art luckysausage is intoluckysausage
Yeah I was able to get to the homescreen, but when I try to click my world, nothing clicks.
Feb 01 2017
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