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Did you enjoy the star wars movie?

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I actually didn't enjoy it.
I felt like a lot of the major scenes and conflicts were resolved tooo conviently.

Also couldn't take "new Vader" seriously. I laughed every time he was on screen.

Overhyped or nah?
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ecyz Level 210 Reboot Thunder Breaker 4
Kylo Ren was good tbh, I like Adam Driver as the casting choice. His character is supposed to be this "Vader-fanboy" that constantly tries and fails at emulating his idol. Once you get to see his temper tantrums it becomes pretty clear that he's supposed to be that teenage angst sort of character.
Overall 7/10 for me, there wasn't a lot interesting but it's certainly better than all the prequels put together.
I think Rey was the weakest point of the film actually
Dec 28 2015
I liked it alot. Good comic reflief, felt like a real star wars movie.
Dec 28 2015
mateocl Level 169 Elnido Blade Master
I liked it. Kylo seems to be going down the path of a reverse vader. Rey is probably luke's kid, hence the whole business with the lightsaber (it's kinda weird that han and leia don't know anything about it) My guess is that rey was also trained alongside kylo and the other new jedi order, before they were wiped out by kylo, but rey wasn't killed and her memory was wiped. Rey also lives on jakku which resembles tatooine too much to ignore.
Dec 28 2015
liam Level 175 Windia Mihile 4 See what games, anime & art liam is intoLiam
Plot felt underdeveloped, unimaginative, and nothing felt like it built up properly (e.g Chrome Trooper was built up only to be used as a vice to disable shields and then the character is literally thrown into the trash). IMO Kylo's & Fin's character were poorly written; Fin's role was comic relief for a big part of the film. I assume they're going to have both characters mature throughout the trilogy, but both characters are just unlikable for the wrong reasons. I felt like they missed several opportunities to create other "bad asses" other than just Han, Chewwy, and Rey. For example While I applaud the choreography put into the saber/baton fight scene, TR-8R could have been built up to be a pretty great character. Provide backstory or simple lines of dialogue during the fight scene like he's from the same squad as Fin; grow up training with the guy and have an almost brotherly bond. Or hell replace him with Chrome Trooper to help properly build up the character, but instead TR-8R is killed off so easily. While I don't usually mind fan service, they heaped a gratuitous amount by throwing in old star wars original trilogy references into the movie just to make the viewer feel smart. What irks me the most is it feels a little like someone's bad fan fiction and then renaming the cast to their OC's lol. For example, Disney claimed everything star wars up to this point is not canon aside from the movies and then went ahead and copied a lot of parts from the Legacy of the Force book series. Overall it's a 6/10 for me; despite its faults and predictable plot twists it had pretty good directing, fight scenes, and special effects.
Dec 28 2015
voidwreck Level 136 Windia Aran 4
I enjoyed it. Kylo Ren shouldn't have been unmasked. That's the only thing I disliked about it. I like him as the new villain.
Dec 28 2015
xreniya Level 209 Bera Evan 10th Growth AUniversityO Guild See what games, anime & art xreniya is intoXreniya
i like kylo, i'm interested in seeing where his character goes
scenes between han and leia were bad
snoke doesnt look sinister enough
rey is too overpowered
action scenes were very fun
very funny when it was supposed to be
well done, 7/10, 3/4 good job jj
Dec 29 2015
kevqn Level 200 Windia Demon Slayer 4 See what games, anime & art kevqn is intokevqn
It made $1billion in 12 days, bad movies don't make that kind of money. It was extremely good
Dec 29 2015
readers Level 131 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art readers is intoReaders
i like it

Kylo is what I felt Anakin should have been like in the prequels: full of angst, frustrated and not-quite tapped to his potential yet. Hence why he needs to complete his training as stated in the movie which is probably a set up for the later movies as we see him develop. I would imagine in the later movies he will be the awesome villain that many have built up in their heads.
Dec 30 2015
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