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Didn039t show up for an interview but the place is still calli

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fadedglory Level 120 Windia Night Lord
I am currently a college student taking a semester off to save up for tuition.

There was a job posting for a night-time scanning clerk at a small office. It pays 1.40 dollar above min. wage (12.75). But it has a Mon-Fri 40 hour schedule. It's a temporary 6 months position which is perfect for me because I am not planning to work after September when school starts.

I was called in for an interview but I did a no-show. A different place called me that night to come in for my first shift at 7 AM the next day so I couldn't find the time to call the office that I can't come in for the interview which was scheduled at 10 AM. So I just didn't show up for the interview.

I should have emailed ofc but I admit I was a bit too lazy. That was rude of me.

Well, that "different place" turned out to be crap because they are only offering me three shifts a week. So I have been looking for another job for the past few days and have been kicking myself in the foot for not taking the scanning clerk position.

Surprisingly, the scanning clerk job called me back today. He said that he couldn't find anyone so he's calling me back even though I did a no-show. He sounded embarrassed and a bit desperate. I have an interview scheduled again at 10 AM tomorrow.

Obviously I want to take the job. But I feel like things are going to be awkward between me and the boss because of this bad and unprofessional first impression. Not really too concerned about it impacting my day at work because I will be working solo at night but maybe he won't give good references later?

Also, I have been thinking about asking for a higher pay since they seem desperate to find someone. Maybe $14 an hour. Would that be super rude and demanding of me considering that I didn't even show up for the initial interview?

Should I take the job??
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lightxtc Level 125 Windia I/L Arch Mage
Yes. Try and get $14/hr if they seem desperate enough to want you.
Feb 01 2018
zoneflare4 Level 186 Windia Paladin
Sounds like a scam
Feb 01 2018
kellyboop Level 80 Scania Marauder
40hrs a week and full time school is a golden ticket to suicide
Feb 22 2018
kikomarine Level 101 Scania Chief Bandit
i admire your ambition. I'm also a college student, sophomore now, will be junior in fall. I will probably be like you who will be looking for work this summer.
well there is possibilty for you to make a better reputation with the boss guy. people make mistakes. I'm pretty sure if you politely apologized for not keeping in contact with them and work there for a few days that your behavior from before won't be that big. although first impresssion wasn't great, you can build up a good image in front of your boss so he will see how you managed and your improvement. good luck!
Feb 25 2018

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