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Alfiepoo1 Level 200 Windia Beast Tamer Cat
Sooo, i know this is stupid. But today i was playing my F/P Mage, and i was just thinking: Wouldn't it be (kind of) cool if Nexon created another elemental mage such as Earth/Grass? Iunno. I thought it was cool. And a skill like Leaf Storm haha. Or Earthquake [differs from Evan]. Okay, done with my rant.
Posted: January 2014 Permalink


Jaredragonx9 Level 212 Bera Luminous 4
Grass/Earth mage AKA The Torterra
Jan 14 2014
ghettobuddha96 Level 60 Windia Marauder
That's enough pokemon for the day
Jan 14 2014
Kiryuin Level 142 Khaini Wind Archer 4
there was a suggested earth/water by a player it could be cool but not cool for maple
Jan 14 2014
WolfPak Level 151 Kradia F/P Wizard
Nah, it's not dumb or silly. Actually, a lot of people have wondered since the beginning of this game if they'd ever approach that concept of Earth, Water, Wind, Nature type elements, haha. It's still nice to think about, but seeing that it's been... 9 years, doesn't seem like it's happening
Jan 14 2014
Noodlebrain Level 203 Nova Cannoneer 4
Nexon should just give us an fire/air/earth/water mage class AKA the Avatar.
Jan 14 2014
Inoru Level 185 Broa Kanna 4
Omg nature mage sounds so nice
... but then again I guess we already have too many mage classes
Jan 14 2014
blimko Level 203 Bellocan I/L Arch Mage
Nature mage or maybe earth/wind
Also there is some dialogue from Grendel the really old about a magician who master ice/fire/lightning/poison. It would be cool to achieve this rank.
Jan 14 2014
Momijii Level 165 Khaini Legend
I don't think we really need a fourth Explorer mage, do we?
Jan 14 2014
Chr0nicles Level 50 Windia Cleric
It's not dumb. That's actually a pretty cool idea IMO.
Jan 14 2014
Seraphicate Level 240 Bera Night Lord
if you're speaking nature mages, just wait till beast tamer releases
Jan 14 2014

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