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Do I look really smart

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fadedglory Level 120 Windia Night Lord
people always assume I'm some calculus genius even though nothing I do is really smart.
Posted: January 2018 Permalink


cantstopme Level 197 Windia Night Lord
u look like the next serial killer
or that bullied kid whos gonna be a school shooter later
Jan 23 2018
fadedglory Level 120 Windia Night Lord
@cantstopme: I do get some strange thoughts sometimes...
Jan 23 2018
kikomarine Level 101 Scania Chief Bandit
lol well peeps can worship you for looking good at something you not 😂 Now to make them your personal servants.
Feb 18 2018
kellyboop Level 80 Scania Marauder
ya you look like the next 9 year old college student
Feb 22 2018

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