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Do NW have good self heal now?

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valentineslv Level 162 Bera Aran 4
do the bats still heal u relatively good? and how is the survivability of the class in gerenal now?
Posted: August 2016 Permalink


magicalimage Level 189 Bera Night Walker 4
It sucks ass. Before the nerf, I didn't even need to use potions. But NW is still the thief class with the best sustain.
Aug 27 2016
wolfexe Level 155 Broa Kinesis 4
@magicalimage: I don't know about that. Give a DB an evan card and they go basically potless.
Aug 27 2016
bigbater Level 150 Scania Bishop
@wolfexe: does evan heal hp as well, or mp? cus aran heals hp
Aug 27 2016

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